Does the WT9 Dynamic LSA fulfill the enhanced noise protection limits in Germany?

Yes, the WT9 Dynamic LSA fulfills and it is better for about 0,1db in Germany regulations.

In Germany on some airports with an annual number of takeoffs exceeding 15000 takeoffs it has to fulfill special rules to limit the noise footprint for the environment of the airport. These rules state that aircraft which are not comply with predefined noise limits are not allowed to doing circuits or local flights under 60 minutes duration in the morning, during noon and after sunset under the week and in the morning and in the afternoon during the weekends and on holidays.

With the enhanced noise protection you can pay less at some aeroports.

What does EASA LSA mean?

Light Sport Aeroplane complies with the following criteria:

  1. A Maximum Take-Off Mass of not more than 600 kg
  2. A maximum stalling speed in the landing configuration (VS0) of not more than 45 knots CAS at the aircraft’s maximum certificated Take-Off Mass and most critical centre of gravity.
  3. A maximum seating capacity of no more than two persons, including the pilot.
  4. A single, non-turbine engine fitted with a propeller.
  5. A non-pressurised cabin

These specifications apply to aeroplanes intended for “non-aerobatic” and for “VFR day” operation only.

The airworthiness code is ASTM International standard F2245.

The Multi-Disciplinary Measure (MDM) group MDM.032 is working on proposals to reduce the regulatory burden on these recreational aircraft. These changes to the regulations, when in place, will replace the interim measures set out above.